Friday, 16 August 2013

August Empties - Hair Care


I was washing my hair last night and as I was drying it and styling it, I realised just how many products I use, and worse than that, how many empties I had!!

You can see that most of the products are for dry, damaged and broken hair, or for protecting hair from further damage.  I will always keep to these sorts of products as it is so dry, keeping its colour / volumizing / anti dandruff products never get a look in!

Below I'll give a quick review on the ones to repurchase, and the ones to stay away from!

Products and review:

Shampoo - TRESemme Salon Silk Shampoo (link)
Repurchase?  Probably

Ok, so there are a tonne of way better shampoos out there than this one, (even worse because I've heard it is full of silicone) but, it contains 900ml and it costs just £2.00 when in promotion.  I have a hell of a lot of hair, and always shampoo twice, so there's no way I could consider a small expensive shampoo otherwise half my salary would go on it.  You get a lot of product for your buck, and genuinely, I quite like it, it smoothes my hair very well and does give that 'salon silk feel'.  I also use the conditioner, but its not empty yet so not in the post.

Lee Stafford Conditioner for breaking hair (link)
Repurchase? No

Its not that I didnt like this product, but for the expensive price of it, and small bottle, I felt like it wasn't worth the money.  It has a strange smell, which be fine if it really did repair my breaking hair, but it just did the same job as any average conditioner would do. I wasn't really impressed but hey ho.

Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter (link)
Repurchase? DEFINITELY

I got the baby size to try it out and I was impressed.  It's not only free from all sorts of badies, but genuinely it also REPAIRED my hair.  2 weeks ago it was much dryer since coming back from my holidays, I bought this slathered it all over my hair and it already feels much more nourished, richer and moisturized.  It works particularly well when you've already washed your hair, rub it through the ends and sleep on it, and it will leave it smooth and healthy without the greasy feel. So happy with this product.

Aussie Take the heat leave in conditioner
Repurchase - yes

I will repurchase this product, as I use it when I know I'll straighten my hair as it provides strong heat protection.  It also smells delicious.  But, for a regular leave in conditioner I prefer the bodyshop one.  However, for all you girls who use heat protection, this works very nicely and smells great - most  of them on the market smell terrible.  

Lee Stafford Argan Oil (link)
Repurchase - maybe

Here's the deal.  I like this Lee Stafford Argan Oil, and it does the job and it is affordable and I am very pleased with it. BUT, everyone's heard of the famous REAL Argan Oil formula which is always cited as being the best.  So now its finished, I want to purchase that one.  That's not to say there's anything wrong with this one (it can also be purchased with Boots club card point which is always a bonus) but I want to try the real Mc Coy.

L'oreal Elnett Extra Strong Hair Spray (link)
Repurchase -YES

I have been buying these for years (in various strengths) but its always the hair spray I come back to.  I recently bought Aussie hair spray, which did smell nicer but has that trademark sticky feel which all hair sprays except Elnett has.  Elnett always gives great hold with no greasy stickiness and the next day you can't see its reamins/

Have you tried any of these hair care products??? What are your views?


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