Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wardrobe staples

Hey Dolls!

To dress well doesn't mean that you always have to buy the latest season.  It also doesn't mean that you have to go shopping every week and spend a fortune.  Its all about choosing well fitting and gorgeous wardrobe stables.

I really believe that one of the key ways of saving money and looking great is to really think about what you need and what you will wear often.  Its all about choosing those timeless pieces that will look great time after time.So even if you spend a bit more money on a few less items, in the long run it will definitely save you money.

The outfit below is something I wear over and over, especially just by changing the top and accessories. There's nothing better than having a pair of great fitting jeans and a leather jacket that you love!

What are your timeless classics and wardrobe staples?

Wardrobe staples: Zara leather jacket, Jeans from an Italian boutique, The Kooples white shirt, silver bangles

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