Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Essie Meets Ciate Caviar Pearls!

I finished the most beautiful shade of Ciate ever - Cookies and Cream (you HAVE to try it) which came as a duo with the caviar pearls.

So after I finished the Cookies and Cream, I wondered if it had a special formula which made it specifically 'stick' to its caviar pearl twin.

As I was fresh out of Ciate, this was agreat time to experiment and sprinkled those little pearls all over some lilac Essie polish in "Under Where?" - a cool gray / lilac shade.

They actually did a fanatastic job of sticking, so I urge all you girls with Caviar Pearls to go out there and explore the different colour combinations you can come up with - see all the colour combos here!

I'm even tempted to try all my nails in different caviar shades....or even different polish AND caviar pearl shades...the possibilities are endless!!

A word to the wise - make sure you press down the pearls into the polish in order to keep that caviar pearl look - otherwise they will brush of easily when you put on you coat!

What do you guys think...tempted to try it???

xxxx fiocco bianco xxxx

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