Saturday, 22 March 2014

Freshlook Colorblend Contact lenses in Gray

Morning my beauties!

Today I thought I would give a little insight into my favourite coloured lenses.  I naturally have hazel eyes, but I always play around with coloured contact lenses - green, gray, brown, blue - you name it, I've probably tried it! When I have these lenses in I just wear a flash of mascara and some eyeliner as I want to show of the coloured lenses and not distract from it with heavy eyeshadow.

They're great fun if you have to wear contacts anyway, giving you perfect vision whilst at the same time making your look complete.  I always use freshlook colorblend contacts (available here from vision direct) as they don't completely change your eye colour, as the name suggests, it blends your chosen colour with your real colour.

This is my current favourite colour - it's Gray by Colorblend.  I've tried the Sterling gray before, but that was more of an ice gray and though looked incredible, it wasn't very believable.  I always like to retain an element of natural (yeah yeah I know coloured contacts aren't the height of subtlety) and this shade of Gray could be almost believable that it was my own.

I wear these both for work and play, as I love playing around with different looks and need to wear contacts anyway.  If you're someone who wear lenses, you should definitely try them out, as they're not too expensive  and a great way to make the most of bad eyesight!

I get mine from as they have always been reliable and have a great price: £24.00 for one pair or £40.00 for two.  Compared to normal clear contacts its actually quite a great deal and has made me quite the slave to them for the last three years or so!

Have you guys ever tired coloured contact lenses??? How did it go, do you still wear them?

Lots of love
Fiocco Bianco xxx


  1. Hey

    Have you ever tried the blue colourblends?


  2. Hi! I have, but only bought them once as they didn't suit me - they looked a little un-natural on my eyes. My favourite was always the grey which I kept getting!