Friday, 21 March 2014

Istanbul 2014

Hello my lovelies, 

Sorry it's been such a while since I've written a post - I've been away to Istanbul.  Such a magical city and with even more baklava (99% of the reason I wanted to go there!).  It was a great 5 day escape but with so much of the city to see I've been left wanting to go back for more.  But the highlight of the trip was the amazing hand made burek these ladies made!

Pictures speak a thousand works so I've put a few my my favorites below.  It was pretty chilly so I'm hiding away in my fur trim jacked and jeans.  Such a fail safe outfit in chilly weather especially when going on river cruises!

 Even though it was cold there was crisp blue sky and the sea was a stunning dark blue for the whole trip.  We couldn't resist a boat ride along the river and it was so good we ended up doing it twice and at a bargain price of just £5.00.  So if you get the chance, make sure you go for a river cruise!

There was such an incredible sunset it really made Istanbul look enchanted with its mosques under the glow of the sun and the chanting running through the city. If you go, make sure you check out the fishermen passing there day on the bridge!

The blue mosque in all its glory

We literally ate over 2 kilos of baklava here!

Turkish coffee - don't drink it until there end otherwise you'll eat the beans!

Have you guys ever been to Istanbul?  It was such a great city break and such a last second decision to go but I would recommend it to everybody! Now to hit  the gym after all that baklava and kebab! :P

Lots of love

Fiocco xxx

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