Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Poundland bargain - Oz Botanics Heat defence

Hey Dolls, 

I was traipsing through my local Poundland (on the hunt for Aussie 3 minute miracle....couldn't find it) and stumbled across this little heat defence spray.

I am a huge supporter of heat defence spray, as in my late teens and early twenties, I had always wanted long hair, but straightened it every day with no heat defence.  But, because of this it never grew.  Now I only straighten once a week and always use heat defence, and finally it's actually grown pretty darn long.  So ladies, if you want long hair, I really do advocate looking after it with spray, otherwise it breaks and stays short.
 So here's my review:

Price- an absolute bargain, there's not many beauty products you can get for a pound nowadays.  I've seen Oz botanics heat defence online for around the £5.00 so I got a big saving.  Also, my usual heat defence is Elnett which costs £6.00 so looking after hair is a pricey business so its nice that it's not breaking the bank.

Product - a light mist that doesn't leave your hair greasy at all.  You need quite a lot though, I know it's cheap but it's a small bottle and I used up to the sticker on the first ever use.  But honestly, I use the same amount with Elnett so it's no big deal.

Did it work - well this is the thing that bugs me.  I don't know this brand so I'm not sure if it is reputable. I hopeit worked otherwise I've just killed my hair.  I guess it's something you have to risk with unknown products you find for a quid eh?

Oz Botanics Heat Defence left my hair shiny though which is a great plus and with no greasiness.  I reckon you girls in the UK who can get your hands on it should try it out for a quid as there's nothing to lose.  But, I probably wouldn't recommend its full price of £5.00 as it's such a small bottle and for just £6.00 you can get a huge Elnett.

What heat defence do you ladies use??

Kisses Fiocco Bianco xxxxxxxxxx

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