Thursday, 6 March 2014

OPI Navy Shatter - Worst Polish EVER

I thought I'd try out OPI Shatter in Navy for a fun new manicure now we're coming into spring.  I'm in love with navy and couldn't wait to try out their navy shatter polish over a light pink Nails Inc shade called Elizabeth Street. Excuse my grotty and dirty pink Nails Inc bottle - this is one of my favourites and has had its fair share of applications.

SO here we have below the two polishes I thought would make the perfect Navy and Pale pink shatter effect:

I applied my under coat first of light pink and waited for it to completely dry.  I then undid the lid of the OPI shatter and saw OPIs classic creamy consistency polish and applied a light coat over my dried first pink coat, excited to see the shattering take place.

The first hand shattered the first 4 nails but not the thumb.  I waited and waited but nothing happened? I had redipped the OPI navy shatter polish in its bottle after my fourth finger and this seems to have deactivated the active shatter effect!?  On the nails it did shatter it was quite a nice effect, but the pail pink which was showing had a bit of a blue tinge and wasn't as crisp a pink coming through underneath as I had expected.

 Then, I went on to my second hand.  Not one nail 'shattered'.  Honestly, I was in shock, How can OPI one of the most respected nail polish brands have created a shatter polish which worked so badly!?  It was absolute rubbish and honestly, one of the worst polishes I have ever seen.

 Look at the results below.  I didn't even neaten up the edges before I took this picture as I knew I was going to head straight for the polish remover as there was no way I was heading out the house with one set of nails semi shattered, and the other not at all.  Very very disappointing OPI!!

How RUBBISH is this!??!?!

I mean SERIOUSLY what is that, coming from a polish that has a RRP of £11.00 from  I bought the navy, but I had been contemplating at the time purchasing this beautiful Emerald Green (here) and the classic black. I thought I would see how I got on with the navy and thank god I saw how it doesn't work at all as now I definitely will not be purchasing another OPI shatter.  Considering how much I love their normal polishes, I have now been put off trying some other OPI special collections after these disappointing results.

Not cool OPI. Not cool.  Have you guys had similar results?!?! Let me know!!! xxxxx

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