Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Hey Pompeii!

Hello Lovlies!

As you guys have probably may have seen, I've been travelling around the Amalfi Coast a bit.  But, I couldn't help but go on a day trip to Pompeii.  I'm an absolute geek for archaeology and after countless documentaries on  Vesuivius' 79AD eruption, I knew I'd have to go check it out and look at those perfectly preserved bodies. Gawd, I can be such a sicko. 

Obviously, going in mid summer in the searing heat with no hat on is probably something I wouldn't recommend. Luckily, I'm like a lizard and really enjoy uncomfortable heat, but I reckon coming here late late Spring or early Autumn would be absolutely perfect. 

Suprisingly, so much was preserved perfectly of the ancient city of Pompeii.  But there's been a lot of hard work by archaeologists removing the ash carefully.

Perfectly Preserved bodies in Pompei

The remains of these bodies was absolutely increidble.  You can literally see what they were doing the moment the ash cloud covered them.  It's tricky to find when walking around the ruins, so make sure you ask a guide for directions.  There was no way I was missing out on seeing these!

The view of the culprit itself!  Must have looked terrifying for the city when it started erupting.

I'm standing in front of the Pompeii vinyards.  Volcanic soil is fab for growing grapes, so just like it was 2000 years ago, it is still being cultivated authentically.

My slightly inappropriate Moschino beach t-shirt haha!

This ampitheatre was preserved perfectly.  It really was absolutely incredible.  They held gladiator games in here and everything.

Negatives??  About the site itself.  Nothing.  An absolutely incredible place to look around and you can loose hours here.  The scenery is delicious with views of Vesuvius on every corner you take.  And the architecture itself in Pompeii is just beautiful and hard to believe it was built around 2000 years ago.

The only think to watch out for - the sign saying that 25 years and under go half price.  I went up with my ID, and when it showed I was 25, they  said only people UNDER 25.  So, prepare yourself.  I was definitely miffed for the first 15 minutes because of that haha!

Have you guys been to Pompeii?  Did you enjoy it??


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  1. Breath taking!

    I do hope to experience such a fascinating place.

    Wonderful thanks for sharing :) x

    MLFx | May la Faye