Friday, 8 August 2014

Rimmel Lasting Finish with Orly Glosser top coat

Morning you beauties!! 

Today I decided to give myself a quick manicure before work as the sun was shining and I wanted to go in wearing a fun, summery shade.  I chose a coral colour by Rimmel from their 'Lasting Finish' range in No Tan Lines.  This is a bargain at just £2.99 and is a great shade for these summer months.  I then decided to go over the top with Orly's Glosser Top Coat (£10.99) in order to give it a bit more shine and for it to last longer.

Supper glossy finish from the Orly Glosser

I'm not the best at putting on nail varnish so you'll have to excuse the poor handywork.  But I hope you can see what a great colour it is and how glossy it came out after the Orly Glosser.  I was most impressed with how quickly the Rimmel polish dried as in a couple of minutes it was rock solid with no 'gooeyness' that you can get with some other polishes.

As for the Orly Glosser, this was a really fine top coat that also dried in a flash and gave considerable gloss considering how thin the actual polish was.  All in all, my how manicure was probably done in about 7 minutes which is great when your in a rush.

Orly Glosser and Rimmel Lasting Finish

These are a great duo to have this summer and despite the difference in price, they really did a good job.  My only negative with the Rimmel, is that it was a little streaky on the first layer, but by the second layer this all evened out.  As for the glosser, it was just perfect.  It does what it says on the tin, giving the nails a great 'gloss' as well as drying quickly and of course extending the life of the manicure.

Rimmel's Lasting finish is available from HQ Hair (here)
Orly's Glosser is available from HQ Hair (here) 

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