Thursday, 14 August 2014

Lord & Berry black eyeliner for smokey eyes

Hey there ladies!

My favourite day makeup is a light smokey eyes.  It's achieved by a light shimmery eyeshadow on the lid and then lining the eyes with a smudgey black eyeliner.  I find this sort of look much easier in the day as it really brings the best of your eyes out, however, it isn't heavy at all so you don't look OTT.

I achieved the look below so simply, all I did was apply a light finely shimmery chanel eyeshadow in 46 Lotus (here) as it is almost skin coloured but adds a nice shimmer.  I then lined the inner waterline with Lord & Berry soft black pencil eyeliner (here).  Using the same pencil eyeliner I also went thickly underneath the lowerlashes.  This helps your eyes to look more defined and winder.  Then, very lightly I lined the top lashline too and gently smudged it with my finger.

What makes Lord & Berry eyeliners different to other liners is its consistency.  It is almost waxy. This makes it perfect for smokey eyes as it is smudgable and then sets.  This creates a really beautiful smokey effect which isn't too harsh.  It's therefore perfect for my natural smokey eye look above.  It can also build up colour by going over  again.

It can be purchased (here) from LookFantastic for £9.00

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