Thursday, 7 August 2014

Redken Pillow Proof blow dry express primer

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I've had the pleasure to try out Redken's pillow proof blow dry express primer.  I've always been a massive fan of Redken products as they always leave my hair feeling nourished and protected. 

This handy bottle aim's to do a number of things:
1) Protect your hair against heat styling up to 450 degrees (absolute must if you want to look after your hair and for it to grow)
2) To cut the blow dry time
3) Reduce breakages
4) Add volume to your hair for 24 hours.

Now that's quite a lot for just one bottle and really does cut down on the amount of products you need to use if if does everything it says it can!

Redken Pillow Proof blow dry express primer


Right, so for the heat protection, I believe it does heat protect your hair.  I worry it doesn't give you the full protection as other products aim at only providing heat protection.  However, if it does then this product is absolutely awesome and cuts out my need to purchase a separate heat protector.

As for Cutting blow dry time? Yes, I can definitely say that my blow dry time was cut in half.  Absolutely great as I have tonnes of thick long hair that takes for ever to dry.  This product is a miracle time saver, especially for when you're in a rush.  I, however, would save it for when your in a rush and not as an every day product.

Reducing Breakages I can't be certain, but I'm sure it does as it primes your hair for heat styling and therefore automatically protecting your hair and reducing breakages.

Add volume - yes, again, I did have added volume.  I usually preffer to add volume when I've finished stlying as my hair becomes massive anyway when I blowdry.  But, for all you with need for volume this will definitely do the job.

So BOOM.  Redken Pillow Proof blow dry express primer delivers on all four counts.  Heat protection, cutting blow dry time, reducing breakages and yes adding volume!!  This can really cut down your need to purchase 4 seperate products as it does it all in one.  A slight downside?  You can feel the product in your hair.  However, this is the same for me with most products.  But, a very small price to pay considering all that it delivers!

Redken Pillow Proof blow dry express primer is available (here) from HQ Hair for £12.60.  This is an awsome price considering it is a quality brand delivering essentially four products in one.

*product sent for consideration and review

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