Monday, 4 August 2014

The Tourist


Here are a few more gorgeous snaps of the beauty that is the Amalfi Coast.  This is somwhere inbetween Amalfi and Positano as we were driving along the long winding panormaic road which joins the two.

As we were driving, here's another super comfortable beach / driving outfit.  I've got on some red beach shorts by Moschino (they kind of remind me of high school musical) and a white crochet sleeveless stop from TopShop.  All paired with some Chanel oversized glasses.

These sorts of shorts are way more comfy than denim ones in the heat as they are so light weights and stretchy.  Sometimes sitting in the car for a long time in denim shorts really is uncomfortable when it's over 30 degrees outside.
That's it for now!

Lot's of love!
Fiocco xxx

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