Friday, 1 August 2014

The Importance of Good Makeup Brushes

Hello Ladies

I've done countless posts in the past on makeup, but less so on the tools for actually applying it. It really is like an artist having fantastic paints to work with and then using his finger to paint the picture.  There's nothing wrong with using your finger, but you will never get the precision or the blending that you can with a good makeup brush.

When it comes to eye makeup brushes, it definitely helps to have a couple as they do have different uses.  You don't have to have hundreds, but 2 or 3 good ones will definitely work wonders for you.  It will save you time as they will hold the pigment and apply it well and secondly it will make it easier as its designed for the job.  Oh and lastly, you won't get musky fingers.

I recommend these three to start you off with:

  1. Great for applying powder eyeliner and doing eyebrows as it is precise and angled: MAC Angled Brush 266
  2. Great for generally applying eyeshadow (please don't use those gross free sponge ones that come with even the most expensive shadows: MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush
  3. For blending, this is fab, just feather around the outer parts of your shadow so it blends in nicely: MAC 217 Blending Brush

I know they're pricey - around the £20-£30 mark but think how much you spend on eyeshadows, it really is worth having a couple of good tools to apply them with otherwise your stunning shadows are getting wasted.

It really will make applying eye makeup so much easier.  The number of girls I know who don't wear eyeshadow as they're scared / don't know how to put it on.  All I can say is, with a good brush, it will become so much easier! Trust me!

Lots of Love, 

Fiocco xxx

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