Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Best purchase this winter - Max Mara camel coat

Mmmmm there is nothing better than finding the perfect winter coat.  I spotted a beauty and fashion blogger wearing a camel coat, and I knew that it was a wardrobe staple that I absolutely needed.

I'd had my sights set on a camel Max Mara coat for a while and it took some time to find the right one. It seems that Max Mara specialise in their camel wear and I loved their huge range of choice.  A bit like how Burberyy 'does' the trench, Max Mara 'does' camel coats.  After trying on long, short and in-between i finally settled on the perfect one.

I went for a mid length wrap-around pure camel coat by Max Mara City.

I feel it goes with everything, from skinny black jeans, to a dress as it is both smart and casual at the same time.  The camel itself is a beautiful caramel colour and is so smooth to touch,

The model I went for can be closed as below or open with large lapels.  I love the dual way of wearing it and makes it so much more versatile.  It was an expensive buy, purchased in Italy - hence the picture of me in it in Italy! Yes it is super expensive - the UK one in the link below is is too unfortunately  - reduced down to £1138, but if you take care of it, I think this coat can be wearable for years.  It was definitely worth the money though, as I believe it is a wardrobe staple and I haven't stopped wearing it..

A similar one in the UK is this one which I love with a bright orang collar and is reversible.

Camel Max Mara coat

Annoyingly my eyes are shut in the photo and my collar is sticking up not doing the coat justice, but this was a fabulous purchase and I would recommend all woman to try a camel coat as a staple in their wardrobe!

Do you have one?   What do you wear it with?

Fiocco xxxxx

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