Saturday, 19 March 2016

Budget bikini or designer? Primark vs Moschino

Wassup ladies.

So it's coming up to that time of year where things are warming up and perhaps you're looking at fabulous holiday destinations for the summer!!

I know that's what I'm doing - anyone who follows my blog knows that I am constantly dreaming of Italy or any other warm European country with sea, sand and incredible food!!

But - I've been considering bikini options.  Don't get me wrong - I have Moschino bikinis galore *guilty pleasure* but I thought I'd try out some budget bikinis too last summer to mix it up.  And the results were surprising  ........

The above blue and white bikini is....????????

Primark!  I think it cost under £5.00 in total.  What. A. Bargain.  I chose it because I'd packed my suitcase full of bikinis then 1 hour before my flight realised I had backed all bandeaux and needed a triangle bikini to sort out the tan lines.  After popping into Primark I found this stunner of a bikini.

I loved the nautical blue and white colour and thought I would just try it out to see.  I ended up wearing this stunner for most of the holiday - it lasted well and washed great.  It wasn't lined with nice soft lining like the Moschino below and the material didn't have a silky finish....but it dried quickly, was comfortable and looked great.

Below is a Moschino polka dot bikini.  The finish is much better, it has a silky touch and delicate gold clips to remove the neck tie.  But, it doesn't come cheap costing approx £120.  (oops, don't judge me!!)  I would say you can get a similar effect with a £5 bikini and really you enjoy yourself more in a cheaper one.  In the polka dot one below I am always worried about ruining it, sand getting into it and generally it is more high maintenance which isn't the best when on holiday.

So what is your personal choice?  Cheap or designer???  

I think Primark beat Moschino this time!

Fiocco xxxxx

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