Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The best winter vacation in Copenhagen

I go to Copenhagen about 4-5 times a year and it is my favourite destination for a weekend winter long weekend.

There's nothing more festive than walking around the winter markets, I fell in love with reindeer skin the last time I was there which would make a magnificent throw for a sofa.  But I had to stop myself as I felt too guilty....perhaps I can find a synthetic one somewhere!

It's important to escape from the cold though.  After  along day walking around, especially if you make the trip out to see 'the mermaid' you will probably be thoroughly frozen to the core and  looking forward to a warm cosy hotel to come back to.

My favourite hotel in Copenhagen is the STAY Appartments.  (http://staycopenhagen.dk/)
They go absolutely all out on the nordic minimalist black and white decor. I'm not used to this style as live in a very traditional 'English countryside' house! But I absolutely love this minimalist style within this modern apartment.  

There is underfloor heating which makes this apartment divine.  The cosy sunset outside and the open kitchen meant I could enjoy a beautifully home cooked meal in the atmosphere of this cool and chic apartment.  

Staying in a normal hotel you would never get to experience the true glam of nordic chic as you can do here.  I would absolutely recommend it to all tourists looking for a a little extra 'glam' for their vacation.  It is a 15 minute walk from the centre or you could hop in a taxi!

Enjoy the pictures!

Love, fiocco

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