Saturday, 18 May 2013

10 second mascara!

When you’ve only got seconds to get ready, mascara is the one piece of make-up that takes little skill, can be put on immediately and entirely transform your tired face. And, unlike foundation, it can be done in any old light as long as you’ve got a small mirror.
But, there is some forward planning which will make this 10 second application a whole lot easier, and that involves having the right mascara and the right application technique.

1.) Always apply mascara in a zig-zag fashion from the roots upwards
2.) Apply from the inner eye to the outer eye in order to draw the eyelashes up and outwards making your eyes look bigger.
3.) If you’ve got a few more seconds, first coat the eyelashes with mascara in a downwards direction in order to coat all the lashes. The proceed with step 1 applying mascara from the roots upwards. This will create a thicker and more wide eyed effect.
4.)Always remember to put mascara on the bottom lashes in order to open up your eyes.


1.) When applying mascara in a rush, don’t use waterproof. It’s Sods Law that when your in a rush you’ll smudge it, and if it’s waterproof it’ll be more of a hassle to get off.
2.) Go for a mascara which is black and volumising. Both are fool-proof when in a rush. Colours are for careful planning and coordination with clothes and accompanied make up. Blue mascara on its own will just look frightening.
3.) Fail-safe mascaras include Benefit’s Bad Gal and Maybelline’s the falsies . Both cover lashes from corner to corner in seconds whilst simultaneously adding length and volume instantly.
4.) Opt for a brush rather than comb wand, as comb wands add length but little volume.

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