Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Aztec Gold Earings

Hello by beauties,

I've always been a fan of gold statement pieces which means I'm going mad on this seasons trend of Aztec jewellery.  I find that you just need one piece to completely transform your outfit and makeup, whether it's a heavy necklace, bracelet or earings.  But if you heap it all together it may end up as overkill.

I thought I'd match these heavy gold earings with strong black eyeliner...I guess trying  to get my Aztec swag on.  These are last season, but I'm lusting after these from Topshop.

These and similar jewellery would go great with a colourful Aztec bustier....unfortunately it's faaar too cold today for me to be wearing mine so it's been artisically paired with my black heavy winter coat.  Thanks London.

Over and out!

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