Saturday, 25 May 2013

Protect Saturday night hair

A night out definitely takes its toll on your hair.  I mean, it goes through some seriously stress in order to get it primped and preened to perfection.  And for you guys like me with unmanageable, wild hair, it needs some industrial strength GHD's and curling tongs to get it looking anywhere near half decent.

When using a lot of heat on your hair, it is ESSENTIAL that you protect it.  I've learnt this a whole 10 years after destroying my hair.  I not only used heat styling every day but I also I felt like heat protection was over rated.  As a result my hair never gew and was like straw.  But, for the last year I have been using heat protectiong products and my hair is now soft to touch and has grown so much.


After washing I always use a detangler - Aussie's luscious long leave in conditioner does wonders.  I then reccomend using Aussie's heat protector.  Just rub this silky cream through your wet hair and then Elnett's heat protector on dry hair which is ready to be straightened.  This gives the ultimate protection.

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