Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Must have fragrances for this Summer

Hello there my lovely ladies!

I thought I would let you in on my top 3 favorite fragrances for this season.  These are all lightly scented perfumes with delicate touches of flowers and fruits that embody all there is to do with Summer.

See by Chloe
This new fragrance by Chloe is to die for. I was sitting in a cafe waiting for a friend when she walked in and when she sat down I was enveloped in her beautiful, fruity and light smell. This is definitely on my wish list as it has a fragrance which just oozes sensuality and is extremely feminine and fresh. It seems like a fragrance for all women who want to embrace their femminity with this fruity number.

Romance by Ralph Lauren
This is the most and subtle of the three fragrances. So beautiful, in fact, that I had to stop a shop assistant to ask what perfume she was wearing. This beautiful fragrance is extremely delicate and light so perfect of those of you who want to wear perfume without drowning in it.

Flower Bomb byViktor and Rolf

For me, this perfume is like a floral explosion, it is also a lot stronger than the other frangrances that I have chosen but it smells like a blast of Summer with every spritz.  I would reccomend thisto anyone who wants to make an entrance and have people ask you what you are wearing.

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