Friday, 3 May 2013

Eyebrow threading on Oxford Street

So, earlier this year I moved to London and had the petrifying task of looking for a new eyebrow threading salon. Threading for me is the only option when it comes to eyebrows as it creates clearly defined and shaped brows which you can't acheive with waxing.  It's great having your favorite salon, but when your forced to search for a new one nothing puts fear into you like the fear of some stranger removing all your eyebrows....and then having to pay for the priviledge.

Looking round the W1 area, there were tonnes of extortionate salons charging £20 for an eyebrow threading.  Considering I was used to just £3 at an amazing little salon in Wexham (called Romans and I HIGHLY reccomend it), there was no way I was going to part with a purple note.

On reading some amazing reviews of a salon in the Plaza shopping centre on Oxford Street, I decided to give it a go.  Here are the results:

Results and some spectacular dark bags.


Value:  This little salon earns a whopping 10/10 for value.  I don't think there exists another place in central which would offer threading for just a fiver AND have results I'm happy with.

Service: Unfortunately, 1/10.  I felt like I was given a rush and fairly hapdash job despite the salon being empty.  The whole thing took less than 2 minutes, and she didn't trim or pluck at all, which for me is crucial.  There was no calming cream to soften the redness and there was certinaly no mini head massage which I've had at other salons.  Over all, I felt like she just wanted to get the whole thing done quickly and have me out the door.

Results: Despite being done so quickly, I'll still give 7/10 for the results.  They were half decent and definitely looked better than when I went in.  I would have liked a bit of an angled arch in there and she left a few stray hairs but hey ho, for a fiver and 2 minutes of work what do you expect?

Have any of you found an amazing salon to get your brows done in central London?  Let me know!

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  1. I highly encourage you to go try it out! Its cheap, quick, painless, and shapes your eyebrows for months on months. threading or waxing